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Resources – Child and Youth Abuse

Kaitlin Atkinson Family Resource Library

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General Works

Breaking the silence: a guide to help children with complicated grief - suicide, homicide, AIDS, violence, and abuse / Goldman, Linda -- New York: Taylor & Francis, 2001.
This book is a resource for parents, caregivers and children dealing with the complex facets of grief. It provides methods to help initiate discussions as well as tools to help children understand and deal with their feelings.
FAM BF 575 .G7 G64 2001

Healing the bruises / Morgan, Lori. -- Halifax: Formac Publishing Company Limited, 2013.
In graphic novel format, this book makes the experience of searching for and restoring peace in a troubled family both understandable and positive.
FAM HV 6626.5 .M56 2013

Parenting 911: how to safeguard and rescue your 10-to-15 year-old from substance abuse, sexual encounters, and other risky situations / Giannetti, Charlene C. -- New York: Broadway Books, 1999.
This guide brings parents the information and reassurance they need to identify and handle the crises that can erupt even in the best of homes.
FAM HQ 796 .G42

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Sexual Abuse

Beginning to heal: a first book for survivors of child sexual abuse / Bass, Ellen -- New York: Harper Perennial, 1993.
A book on healing after sexual abuse and tips on starting a healthier journey.
FAM HV 6626.52 .B37

Ça arrive aussi aux garçons: l'abus sexuel au masculin / Dorais, Michel. -- Montréal, QC: Éditions Typo, 2008.
Michel Dorais donne les victimes une voix, fournissant une analyse sensible de leurs traumatismes et auto-questionnement, et offrant des stratégies pour y faire face. Il examine les effets de la violence sexuelle sur la vie affective et sexuelle des hommes, y compris leur estime de soi et leurs relations personnelles.
FAM HV 6570 .D67 2008

Don't tell: the sexual abuse of boys / Dorais, Michel -- Montreal & Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2002.
Michel Dorais gives the victims a voice, providing a sensitive analysis of their traumas and self-questioning, and offering strategies for coping. It examines the effects of sexual abuse on the emotional and sexual life of men, including their sense of self and their personal relationships.
FAM HV 6570 .D6713 2002

Eagle child / Montour, Sandra J. -- Ohsweken, ON: Ganohkwa Sra Family Assault Support Services, 1992.
This story illustrates how two native children came to their own understanding of sexual abuse under the guidance of their wise and loving grandmother. Appropriate for ages 5- 10 years.
FAM E 98 .C5 B1 1992

Eagle child: book 2 / Montour, Sandra J. -- Ohsweken, ON: Ganohkwa Sra Publications, 1993.
A wise and loving grandmother gently guides two Native children to their own understanding of one possible effect of sexual abuse: "acting out behaviour". Appropriate for ages 5-10 years.
FAM E 98 .C5 B2 1993

Eagle child: book 3 / Montour, Sandra J. -- Ohsweken, ON: Ganohkwa Sra Publications, 1994.
A wise and understanding grandmother gently guides her Native grandson to his own understanding of a vital element necessary for the treatment of sexual abuse: "trust". Appropriate for ages 5-10 years.
FAM E 98 .C5 B3 1994

Eagle child: book 4 / Montour, Sandra J. -- Ohsweken, ON: Ganohkwa Sra Publications, 1995.
A wise and loving grandmother gently guides her native grandchildren to their own understanding of two vital elements involved in the treatment process of sexual abuse: empowerment and termination. Appropriate for Ages 5-10 years.
FAM E 98 .C5 B4 1995

L'enfant victime d'agression sexuelle / Saint-Pierre, Frédérique. -- Montréal: Éditions du CHU Sainte-Justine, 2007.
Les agressions sexuelles sur les enfants ne laissent personne indifférent. Il s'agit de situations auxquelles il est difficile de faire face, car elles soulèvent beaucoup d'émotions et de questionnements, tant chez les adultes que chez les enfants. En fait, peu de drames humains sont aussi complexes. Sont décrits et expliqués les impacts d'une agression sexuelle, les réactions de l'enfant et de sa famille, le dévoilement, l'intervention médicale et psychothérapeutique, l'allégation d'agression sexuelle en contexte de séparation, les agressions sur les enfants handicapés, les démarches à faire en cas d'agression ainsi que les programmes de prévention.
FAM HV 6570 .S24 2010

Helping mothers move forward: a workbook to help provide assessment and support to the safe carers of children who have been sexually abused / Regan, Lynda -- Dorset UK: Russell House Publishing Ltd, 2006.
Offering tried and tested approaches for work with safe carers of children who have been sexually abused - principally but not exclusively mothers - this workbook allows you to adapt and evolve its framework during both the investigative and recovery stages of their individual experiences, including: understanding the carer's position and creating a supportive environment; providing a framework for the carer to understand sexual abuse; helping the carer to consider these issues in relation to their own situation; and addressing the future including consideration of issues around safe care - especially if a family wants to consider reunification.
FAM HV 6570.2 R43 2006

If your child is abused...: a guide for parents of children sexually abused by someone outside the family / Ensom, Ron -- Ottawa: OCCCCA, 1994.
A book on dealing with the sexually abused child. It provides tips on who to tell, what to do to insure your child is ok, and in-depth looks at the process following the abuse.
FAM HV 6626.54 .C3 E68

It's my body / Freeman, Lory -- Seattle, WA: Parenting Press, 1994.
An easy to read book about when to share your body and when not to. It talks about how you should feel when you share your body with consent, and how you feel when you do not want to share your body, or feel uncomfortable. Also includes key phrases in stopping someone from touching you when you don't want to.
FAM HV 6626.54 .F73

Invisible girls: the truth about sexual abuse / Feuereisen, Patti -- Emeryville, CA: Seal Press, 2005.
Invisible Girls weaves together powerful first-person narratives with gentle guidance and seasoned insights to help girls through the maze of feelings that swirl around the abuse experience. This gives every young woman who struggles with the scars of sexual abuse the courage that comes from knowing that she is not alone, while other girls come out from behind the veil of secrecy to become vibrant, healthy, and whole.
FAM HV 6592 .F48 2005

Te laisse pas faire! les abus sexuels expliques aux enfants / Robert, Jocelyne. -- Montréal: Éditions de l'Homme, 2005.
Cet ouvrage propose des jeux et des exercices à faire avec l'enfant, présente des indices pour évaluer les risques, suggère des attitudes éducatives sereines, concrètes, efficaces.
FAM HV 6626.54 .R62 2005

Le secret du petit cheval -- Ottawa: Ministry of Supply and Services, 1989.
Ce livre fait comprendre aux enfants la différence entre un bon secret et un secret qui porte sur l'exploitation sexuelle.
FAM HV 6626.54 .S4214

The secret of the silver horse -- Ottawa: Ministry of Supply and Services, 1989.
Children are shown the difference between a good secret and a secret about sexual abuse. They are also shown the difference between good touching and sexually abusive touching. Appropriate for ages 5-8 years.
FAM HV 6626.54 .S42

Si votre enfant est victime d'exploitation sexuelle... : guide pour les parents d'enfants victimes d'exploitation par une personne étrangère a la famille / Ensom, Ron. -- Ottawa: OCCCCA, 1994.
Guide pour les parents d'enfants victimes d'exploitation sexuelle par une personne étrangère à la famille.
FAM HV 6626.54 .C3 E6814

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Physical Abuse

Broken children, grown up pain / Hegstrom, Paul -- Kansas City, MO: Beacon Hill Press, 2001.
By using research, psychological studies, and biblical principles the author points the reader to the place of healing where they are finally free to pursue authentic relationships and build healthy emotional intimacy with others.
FAM HV 6626.5 .H44

A child called it: one child's courage to survive / Pelzer, David. -- Deerfield Beach, FL: Health communications, Inc., 1995.
This book covers the early years of the author’s life and is an affecting and inspirational book of the horrors of child abuse and the steadfast determination of one child to survive.
FAM HV 6626.5 .C2 P45 1993

Co-dependent no more: how to stop controlling others and start caring for yourself / Beattie, Melody -- Center City, MN: Hazelden, 1992.
Helps to understand co-dependency and keys to unlocking it hold on your life -instructive life stories, personal reflections, exercises and self-test -inspirational and straightforward.
FAM RC 569.5 .C63 B43

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Children and trauma: a parent's guide to helping children heal / Monahon, Cynthia -- New York: Lexington Books, 1993.
Childhood traumas range widely in their severity and impact. Being in a car accident, experiencing an earthquake or flood, being attacked by a dog, being molested, or witnessing a violent robbery - all are distinctly different events, yet all give rise to the same symptoms of psychological trauma. This is a guide written for parents of the thousands of children terrorized by accidents, disasters or violence each year.
FAM RJ 506 .P66 M66

Les traumatismes infantiles / Markham, Ursula -- Paris: Editions J'ai Lu, 2001.
L’auteur, psychothérapeute spécialiste de l’hypnose, explique que nos peurs ou problèmes actuels sont la conséquence directe d’un traumatisme infantile : que ce soit une agression délibérée, psychologique, émotionnelle ou physique, ou un traumatisme involontaire, dans tous les cas, le résultat est le même : la perte du respect de soi. L’essentiel est d’en prendre conscience pour surmonter l’angoisse et d’appréhender l’avenir avec confiance.
FAM RJ 506 .P66 M36514

A safe place for Caleb: an interactive book for kids, teens and adults with issues of attachment, grief, loss or early trauma / Chara, Kathleen A. -- London: Jessica Kinsley Publishers, 2005.
Based on established psychological principles, the book is a unique and imaginative guide for professionals, parents, caregivers, and people of all ages who are dealing with attachment issues.
FAM RJ 506 .P66 C52 2005

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Web Sites

Canadian Centre for Child Protection / Centre canadien de protection de l’enfance

Sexual Assault - CHEO / Agressions sexuelle - CHEO

Child Abuse – MedlinePlus from the US National Library of Medicine

Child Sexual Abuse – MedlinePlus from the US National Library of Medicine

Early Childhood Trauma – NCTSN – The National Child Traumatic Stress Network

Kids Health – Information for Kids, Teens and Parents from the Nemours Foundation

Kids Help Phone / Jeunesse J’écoute

Stop Family Violence - Public Health Agency of Canada  / Arrêtons la violence familiale – Agence de santé publique du Canada

Just for you: Parents – Health Canada / Spécialement pour vous: parents - Santé Canada

Stop it Now! Together we can Prevent the Sexual Abuse of Children

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Always There / Toujours à l'écoute

  • From Kids Help Phone / Jeunesse j’écoute
  • Free / Gratuit
  • English and French / anglais et français
  • Last updated Sept 2017 / Dernière mise-à-jour 2017 septembre
  • The Kids Help Phone app provides a password protected space for you to log your feelings during the day, as well as youth-submitted inspirational quotes, tips on taking care of yourself, and jokes aimed at helping you cope with stress. The Info Booth has lots of information on emotional health topics and more.Finally, the app can also connect you directly with a Kids Help Phone counselor over the phone, or during certain hours, Live Chat. / L’application Toujours à l’écoute offre un espace protégé par mot de passe pour recueillir tes émotions au courant de la journée, et pour accéder à des pensées inspirantes, des conseils pour prendre soin de toi et des blagues qui ont le but de t’aider à gérer le stress. Le kiosque d’info offre beaucoup d’information sur la santé émotionnelle ainsi que d’autres sujets. Enfin, l’application peut également te connecter directement avec un intervenant de Jeunesse J’écoute par téléphone, ou à notre service de clavardage pendant ses heures d’ouverture.
  • Available from / Disponible depuis Google Play & iTunes

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Local Contacts

CHEO Sexual Assault Program / Programme d’agression sexuelle CHEO

Youth Service Bureau of Ottawa / Bureau des services à la jeunesse d’Ottawa
2675 Queensview Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K2B 8K2
Head Office - 613-729-1000

YSB’s 24/7 Crisis Line
Mental Health Services / Services de Santé mentale - 613-562-3004
Crisis Chat-Website: - Hours: Thursday to Sunday, 4 pm - 10 pm / Clavardage en direct : de jeudi à dimanche, de 16 h à 22 h

Kid’s Help Phone / Jeunesse J’écoute

Child, Youth and Family Crisis Line for Eastern Ontario / Ligne de crise pour enfants, jeunes et familles de l’Est de l’Ontario
For general enquiries / Pour les renseignements généraux

Assaulted Women's Helpline
Tel: 866-863-0511
TTY: 866-863-7868
Rogers, Fido, Bell, & Telus #7233 (SAFE) on your mobile phone - 24 hours, confidential, multiple languages including 17 Aboriginal languages

FEM’AIDE (Ligne de soutien pour femmes violentées)
1-866-860-7082 (ATS)

This guide provides medical material for information purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your physician. The information may not always apply to your individual situation.

The guide represents material available in the Family Resource Library collection at CHEO. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list. Your local public library may also be able to provide valuable information.

If you require materials in alternative formats, please contact the library at 613-737-7600 ext. 2157 or at

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