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Resources – Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Kaitlin Atkinson Family Resource Library

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Health is broader than the prevention and treatment of disease. Increasingly, people are exploring strategies that they themselves can employ to improve their health, maintain wellness and improve quality of life. Many of these strategies are based on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

CHEO defines CAM as “treatments and health care practices not taught widely in Canadian medical schools, not generally used in Canadian hospitals and/or not usually reimbursed by medical insurance companies operating in Canada.”

The Kaitlin Atkinson Family Resource Library is developing resources to support queries related to CAM. The resources include materials that document the use and validity of CAM therapies as well as information about specific approaches.

Resource List

The alternative health medicine encyclopedia / Marti, James -- Detroit, MI: Visible Ink Press, 1998.
This reference text covers alternative and holistic approaches to maintaining health - biofeedback, acupuncture, hypnosis, herbs, yoga, chiropractics, massage and other non-traditional treatments. Topics discussed include nutrition, exercise, stress, cancer, sexuality and ageing.
FAM R 733 .M38

The alternative medicine sourcebook: a realistic evaluation of alternative healing methods / Bratman, Steven -- Los Angeles, CA: Lowell House, 1998.
This sourcebook explores the strengths and weaknesses of alternative healing methods. This book could be a useful tool for consumers seeking to make informed decisions about alternative options.
FAM R 733 .B75

Alternative medicine: what works / Fugh-Berman, Adriane -- Baltimore, ML: Williams & Wilkins, 1997.
In scientific yet accessible language that speaks to both the lay reader and the professional, Fugh-Berman, a former field coordinator at the Office of Alternative Medicine, evaluates the peer-reviewed literature for 25 popular alternative therapies.
FAM R 733 .F84

The dictionary of alternative medicine -- Stamford, CT: Appleton & Lange, 1998.
This dictionary contains the medical terms, slang and acronyms associated with alternative or complementary medicine. It includes terms designated to three groups of therapies and management philosophies: formal therapeutic systems, informal therapeutic systems, and "quackery".
FAM R 733 .S44 1998

Essentials of complementary and alternative medicine -- Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 1999.
This book focuses on the issues and alternative practices that are most applicable to mainstream medicine. It covers social and scientific issues and explains how to practice evidence-based complementary/alternative medicine.
FAM R 733 .E87

Guide complet des médecines alternatives: médecines douces, bien-être et harmonie / Fabrocini, V. -- France: De Vecchi, 2007.
Les médecines " alternatives " conquièrent des patients de plus en plus nombreux. Elles permettent, d'une façon naturelle, de conserver jeunesse et joie de vivre, de se soigner et de prévenir les maladies les plus courantes.
FAM R 733 .F32 2007

Herbs: everyday reference for health professionals -- Ottawa: Canadian Pharmacists Assoc & CMA, 2000.
This book contains over 60 monographs on the prevailing herbs as well as herbs of tomorrow.  It includes uses, dosage ranges, contra- indications, drug-herb interactions and supplemental chapters on broader issues such as cultural influences.
FAM R 733 .H47 H48 2000

The Mayo Clinic book of alternative medicine / Mayo Clinic. -- New York, NY: Time Inc., 2010.
Offers the practical advice by using the red light/green light rating system to evaluate treatments.  Ranging from acupuncture to yoga, Echinacea to St John's wort, and meditation to healing touch, this book provides answers to the questions people have about the effectiveness of alternative medicine and when it's appropriate to use it.
FAM R 733 .M386 2010

Médecine naturelle amérindienne: plantes et remèdes pour soigner le corps, guérir l'esprit et nourrir l'âme / Shimer, Porter -- Montreal: Les Editions de l'Homme, 2006.
Cet ouvrage nous fait découvrir des techniques et des remèdes totalement naturels, issus de la tradition amérindienne et efficaces dans le traitement de dizaines d'affections courantes. Il nous révèle les propriétés médicinales de plus de 40 plantes, de l'absinthe à la viorne à feuilles de prunier.
FAM R 733 .S3414 2006

Médecines alternatives: le guide critique / Ernst, Edzard -- Paris: Elsevier, 2005.
Cet ouvrage propose une approche critique de la médecine alternative fondée sur la littérature : organisé de manière pratique sous forme de guide, il prend appui sur des preuves et évalue l'efficacité de 60 médecines alternatives.
FAM R 733 .E7614 2005

The PDR family guide to natural medicines & healing therapies -- New York: Three Rivers Press, 1999.
This book provides fifty alternative therapy options--how they work, what they strive for, and potential side effects; how certain natural remedies interact with conventional drugs; Easy-to- use indexes that will enable you to find treatment options for hundreds of ailments and identify the most effective herbal remedies; and a sixteen-page herb identification portfolio featuring more than one hundred medicinal herbs, photographed in full color.
FAM R 733 .P38 1999

Tyler's honest herbal: a sensible guide to the use of herbs and related remedies / Foster, Steven -- New York: Haworth, 1999.
This book gives you a serious evaluation of both the positive and negative features of the use of the most important herbs for therapeutic purposes. Each herb write-up includes descriptive information on the source of the plant, its traditional uses, and an evaluation of the relevant and current literature which
helps support or disprove the intended use of the plant.
FAM R 733 .H47 T94 1999

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Web Sites

Complementary Medicine: Should I Use Complementary Medicine? – HealthLink BC

National Institute for Health’s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)

Complementary and Alternative Medicine – MedlinePlus from the US National Library of Medicine

Natural and Non-Prescription Health Products – Health Canada / Produits de santé naturels et sans ordonnance – Santé Canada

Complementary and Alternative Medicine – Kids Health from the Nemours Foundation

Dr. Andrew Weil is a well published holistic physician. This site provides information on many current topics and allows specific interactive questioning

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About Herbs
● From Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
● English
● Free
● Last updated Sept 2015
● From iTunes: Key features: more than 200 monographs describing the structure, purported uses, adverse effects and drug interactions of various herbs, botanicals, supplements, complementary therapies and more; objective information backed by scientific references; two different versions of each
monograph – one written for healthcare professionals and one for consumers; search by product or service name, or by medical condition; save favorites and explore featured products and services; access content offline after the app has been downloaded with no internet connection.  The content of this app provides general health information only. Any questions regarding your own health should be addressed to your to your own physician or healthcare provider.
● Available from iTunes

This guide provides medical material for information purposes only and it is not intended to replace the advice of your physician. The information may not always apply to your individual situation.

The guide represents material available in the Family Resource Library collection at CHEO. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list. Your local public library may also be able to provide valuable information.

If you require materials in alternative formats, please contact the library at 613-737-7600 ext. 2157 or at

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