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International Adoption Clinic

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Welcome to CHEO’s International Adoption Clinic

Our clinic staff and physicians care for children who have been recently adopted from other countries. In our clinic we will:

  • Review your child’s current health status;
  • Review all health records from your child’s country of origin;
  • Discuss immunization;
  • Screen your child for possible infections and other diseases;
  • Check your child’s growth and development;
  • Assess healthy bonding between you and your child.

How can we get a clinic appointment?

We prefer to have a written referral from your family doctor, but you may also contact us yourself. A written referral allows us to keep your doctor up to date on assessments during your child’s clinic visits. At the moment, we are not accepting referrals for pre-adoption assessments.

Please remember! We do not provide ongoing primary health care. It’s important for you to have a family doctor to take care of your child’s immunizations and health.

Your doctor can

  • fax a written referral to: 613-738-4292, or
  • mail it to: C1 clinic, CHEO 401 Smyth Rd. Ottawa ON K1H 8L1

We usually arrange to see children 4 times over the course of 1 year. Sometimes, children need to see us more often for a health problem.

1st visit

During your first visit to our clinic we will:

  • Review your child’s health records;
  • Examine your child and complete a health history;
  • Take blood tests (following expert guidelines);
  • Test a urine (pee!) sample;
  • Give you a stool (poop!) collection kit to take home, so we can check your child for infections (you’ll need to bring the stool sample to the lab for testing before your 2nd clinic visit);
  • Give your child a referral for a hearing test.

2nd vist

(4 to 6 weeks after 1st visit) During this visit, we will:

  • Check your child’s growth (height and weight);
  • Review all blood, urine and stool test results;
  • Take a TB skin test (you’ll need to have a medically trained person read the test in 2-3 days).

3rd visit

(6 months after 1st visit) During this visit we will:

  • Assess growth and development;
  • Discuss and observe attachment;
  • Repeat blood work for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV.  

4th visit

(12 months after 1st visit) During this visit we will:

  • Reassess growth and development;
  • Reassess attachment.

Coming to your appointment

You’ll find us in Clinic C-1, on the main floor of CHEO’s main building. Up to 2 adults can come to the appointment with your child. Please remember to bring:

  • All health records;
  • Immunization records.

Preventing the spread of infections

We want to make sure our patients don’t get new infections while visting CHEO. You can help us prevent the spread of infections. Please call the clinic nurse on the day of your appointment if your child has:

  • Fever;
  • Cough, runny nose, trouble breathing;
  • Diarrhea or vomiting;
  • Chicken pox.

The nurse will talk with you to decide if you should come in or if we should re-schedule the appointment.

How to reach us

Please call us if you have any questions or concerns: 613-737-7600, extension 4105. We answer the phones Monday to Friday, from 8:00am - 4:00pm.

If you leave a message, we’ll get back to you within 2 business days. In your message, be sure to include:

  • Your child’s name and date of birth;
  • The name of the doctor;
  • Your name and a telephone number where we can reach you.

To book, change or cancel an appointment please call: 613-737-7600, extension 2222.

If you must cancel an appointment, please give us 24 hours notice. This way, we can offer the time to another family.

To reach the clinic nurse, please call: 613-737-7600, extension 2543

To reach the doctors’ offices, please call: 613-737-7600, extension 2571

To send a fax: 613-738-4329

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