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The Playground

Playgrounds are great places for children to play away from cars and traffic. While most children play without any problem, some children come to the emergency department with serious injuries. For instance, a child may fall from equipment or be strangled by a piece of clothing caught in the playground structure. With a few simple actions, most of these injuries can be prevented.

Plan Ahead. Check the playground out first.

  • Is your child wearing anything that could get caught in the equipment, like drawstrings, hoods, scarves or mitten strings?
  • Is the play area free from dangers like broken glass and other sharp objects?
  • Is the play equipment placed over soft ground, like sand or pea gravel?
  • Are there handrails, barriers and railings on the equipment to prevent falls?
  • Is the playground clean and well taken care of?

What’s the rush? Does your child have the judgement, strength and skill to be on the playground without an adult?

  • Supervise children 9 years and under at the playground.
  • Stay beside children 5 years and under, especially when they are climbing or on the swings.
  • Make sure children play on equipment that is right for their size and age.
  • Make sure children do not tie skipping ropes or other ropes to play structures.
  • Remove your child’s bike helmet off before playing on a play structure. The helmet could get caught, and the chinstrap could strangle your child.

Learn How. Make sure your child learns how to do it right. Learn what to do if someone is hurt.

Teach your child knows a few basic playground rules:

  1. Go down the slide feet first
  2. Wait until the person ahead of you is off the slide before starting
  3. Sit down on swings and slides
  4. Hold onto handrails
  5. Keep away from moving swings and the bottom of slides
  6. Never tie skipping ropes or other ropes to play structures
  7. Take off helmets before playing on play structures

Take a First Aid and CPR course

Want more information? Visit Parachute Canada

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