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Epic: One Patient – One Record

We have a new electronic health record system

Epic is the most powerful health information system in the world. CHEO adopted Epic to fulfill our promise of “one child — one record.”

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In a rapidly changing world, we need the latest tools to deliver the very best care for your children. Much like we need to use thermometers, ultrasound machines and surgical tools, we need the right tools in place to ensure health-care providers, children, youth and families have what they need to make the best care decisions.

In spring 2018, Surgery and Development and Rehabilitation will begin using Epic as well. Once fully implemented, all patient records will be in one place and provide a seamless flow of timely, up-to-date information as a patient moves through. Epic will help our physicians, nurses and health-care professionals better understand, coordinate and customize care so we can safely treat the whole child. This is one of the largest transformational projects in our history, please be patient with us if some things take a little longer while we all learn this new system.

What Epic means for you:

We’ve adopted Epic for you — the children, youth and families we serve. Epic will enable our staff to provide you with the best care they can. Although we will be busy learning this new system, we will always put you first. We will not let our training negatively affect your care. For you, Epic means:

  • Streamlined communication: you only need to tell your child’s story once
  • More active involvement in your child’s care
  • Increased safety
  • Reduced wait times
  • Instant online access to your health records, anytime and anywhere, via MyChart
  • Enhanced security and privacy

Watch Camryn’s story to learn how CHEO is using its electronic health record to support parents and provide coordinated, connected care to young patients.

By migrating to a paperless environment, CHEO will increase efficiency and improve the quality of our care at each step along the way.

Did you know…CHEO is the first Canadian hospital to achieve HIMSS stage 6 in Ambulatory Care, among the .5% of all hospitals to have achieved this designation.

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