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Finding Parking

CHEO has two visitor parking lots, "A" located beside the hospital, adjacent to the Garry Cardiff Wing entrance and “E” located on the opposite side of the Emergency Department roadway (please refer to our parking map).

Please allow sufficient time before your appointment to find parking. Parking demand peaks between 9:30am and noon.

If necessary, additional parking may be found next door at the Ottawa Hospital General Campus, or on nearby city streets where parking is permitted. Please be aware that CHEO parking passes may only be used at CHEO, and are not accepted at the General Campus.

CHEO has been able to provide one of the lowest hospital paid parking rates in comparison to our partner hospitals in the City of Ottawa.

Families in financial need may qualify for assistance to help with parking costs. Families can speak to their social worker or the CHEO social work office for more information.

Accessible Spaces

We have a total of 31 accessible parking spaces, 15 of which are van accessible. All accessible spaces are located in Lot A and in the Park and Display area in front of the main building. Access aisles have been added between each adjacent accessible parking space. Keep an eye out for signage indicating these spaces. 

Parking Rates

Please review our parking brochure on how to save on parking.

  • Pay and Display - $3.50 per half hour
    Pay and display spaces are for short term parking requirements and may be used for a maximum of 2 hours. Daily maximum rates are only applicable in the parking lots and are not applicable in the pay and display spaces. CHEO Parking passes cannot be used in the Pay and Display area and can only be used in actual parking lots.
  • Hourly (parking lot) - $3.50 per half hour (maximum of $14.00)
  • Frequent User Pass - $45.00
    Valid for 15 clinical visits. This pass is limited to one per family and is only available to patients/families who have clinic appointments. There are no in/out privileges with this pass.
  • Monthly Pass - $90 - Valid for 30 consecutive days.

Extended Use Passes

Extended Use Passes can be used on non-consecutive days and are valid for one year from date of purchase. Passes have In/Out privileges for each 24 hour period.

Passes offered include:

  • 5-Day Pass - $35.00
  • 10-Day Pass - $70.00
  • 15-Day Pass - $90.00
  • 30-Day Pass - $150.00

In and out Privileges

  • If you require in/out privileges, you must obtain a receipt when you pay for parking. Receipts can be requested at the Pay Station Kiosks and are automatically issued when paying by credit card at the exit gates.
  • Your receipt is your Day Pass which you must present to the security office prior to leaving.

Paying for Parking

  • If paying by cash, you must bring your parking ticket inside the hospital and use a Pay Station Kiosk.
  • Kiosks are located at the Main Entrance of the Hospital, the Garry Cardiff Wing hallway and the Emergency Department entrance.
    They accept cash, Interact, Apple Pay, Master Card, American Express and Visa.
  • Automated banking machines (ATMs) are located beside each of the Pay Station Kiosks if you need to withdraw cash.
  • If you are paying by credit card, you may also pay at the exit gate.

Pay Station Kiosk Tips

  • Ensure you have your ticket with you when you go to use a Pay Station Kiosk.
  • Insert your ticket into the appropriate slot with the stripe pointing up and to the right, your fee will be calculated.
  • Insert cash or credit card. Your ticket will be validated and then returned to you. If you require a receipt you may press the receipt button at this time.
  • Take your paid ticket with you and proceed to the parking lot, you will have fifteen minutes to leave the lot.
  • When you approach the exit lane, insert your paid ticket into the slot to open the gate.

Getting Assistance

If you have any questions about paying for parking, you may visit the CHEO Security Office located on the second floor, near the Emergency Department, or call 613-737-2227.

The automated pay stations, entrance gates and exit gates are each equipped with call buttons that will put you in contact with the CHEO Security Office. If someone is not immediately available to answer you, you can contact CHEO reception at 613-737-7600, and they will contact one of the Security staff on duty.

For any comments on our parking services, please email

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