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image of CHEO's emergency department entrance with text "visiting emergency"

What You Should Bring

Bring your health card (OHIP, or RAMQ). There are many specialty services at CHEO and often children are prescribed equipment or medications, which may not be immediately accessible. If your child requires hospitalization or is required to stay at CHEO, it would greatly assist his/her care if you bring any specialized equipment or medication with you.

To help us care for your child and prevent disruption to your child’s routine, please bring any of the following that your child may need:

  • Medical equipment used by your child;
  • Current, labeled medications;
  • Specialized formula your child is taking;
  • Any tubes or devices needed to care for your child.
In addition, be sure to bring your own books, toys and snacks to keep your child busy while you wait. To prevent the spread of germs between children, we have removed all the books and toys from our waiting rooms.
Please ask any of the health care staff before giving your child anything to eat or drink, in case a special test (requiring an empty stomach) may be needed.

Please do not bring:

Please remember that the hospital is filled with sick children who can be contagious. Please have no more than two adults come with your sick child to CHEO. Our waiting room is not a place for healthy brothers, sisters or other family members.

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