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Marisol's Story

Marisol’s story begins with her going to CHEO one summer day. Her parents had noticed Marisol’s eyes were twirling around, and at eight months, she still was not able to sit on her own.

They anticipated the worst. They brought her to CHEO where she had blood work, a Cat scan and an MRI. Initially, they were told that she might have some rare genetic disease and that she would not live past 12 years of age. But thankfully, after four months, they were told it was not the case and Marisol was ready for a referral to OCTC.

Marisol’s father explains: “At OCTC, we first met with a physiotherapist. She was great and our daughter just loved her. She would answer all our questions and always involved us in Marisol’s daily stretching routine.

“All the OCTC, staff always make us feel at home and greet us with a smile. It is nice to have a familiar face at the desk; it makes the visits at OCTC more comforting.

“During the summer months, Marisol was able to participate in OCTC’s summer programs. She adored the staff and all the outings at fairs, museums, etc. Having OCTC around to help us be better parents with our child with disabilities is a blessing.

“I would love to say a big THANK YOU to all OCTC staff for making our experience very positive. Marisol has received the services of a developmental pediatrician, a dietician, a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist and a speech-language pathologist. She also benefitted from the Seating and Mobility Clinic, attended the OCTC Preschool and is now a student at the OCTC School. OCTC is a real gem: It offers such a rich variety of resources to assist children with disabilities in having a better life. OCTC rocks!”

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