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Emanuel's Story

Emanuel, like many thousands of other children and youth with disabilities, receives at OCTC amazing care from qualified therapists.

Emanuel’s parents, Andrea and David, explain what an important role OCTC plays in their lives. “Our son Emanuel is a bit of a mystery. We began to notice his development was delayed when he was just four months old.He is now 2 years and we are in the early stages of learning to navigate the health care system to get Emanuel the best care we can. OCTC plays a big part in our learning and our care.

“Emanuel’s diagnosis is “severe global development delay”. OCTC helps us to manage and gain insight into his abilities. With the help of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, he is slowly acquiring new skills. Developmentally, he behaves as a 6-month old and he is non-verbal and not mobile. We celebrate the smallest of accomplishments such as pushing his arms through his sleeves, grabbing his soother with both hands, sitting for longer periods of time and now discovering that his left foot fits quite nicely into his mouth! We believe that the monthly visits OCTC therapists make to his daycare to encourage those skills and more contribute greatly to his learning. We are so happy that he just started the OCTC Preschool program.

“We also enjoy the occasional Saturday of respite while Emanuel visits Sarah and his friends at the Tender Tots Program. We are confident in their care and love hearing about all he is exposed to – much more than two busy working parents can often do on a weekend! For us, it’s also a relief since we are concerned about how to integrate him with developmentally-typical children but want him to be exposed to social situations. Tender Tots is a step in our learning to be parents to a “special needs” child. There is so much love towards Emanuel that it makes it easy to enjoy our break and recharge our batteries for a few hours.“

OCTC has taken our whole family by the hand and is walking us “newbies” down the road. They often suggest things that we are not aware of – things that make life easier for Emanuel and for us. Without them, we would be lost!”


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