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Fadumo's Story

Do you remember the first December festive holiday season of your child or the first year-end celebration with a new born in your family? These are memories we cherish forever.

Fadumo is experiencing several first-time significant milestones thanks to donors like you who are contributing to our ability to make a significant difference in the lives of children and youth with special needs and their families.

You would never know it from looking at her, but until this year, smiling and happy 14 year-old Fadumo never had the opportunity to sit up.  Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Fadumo had been confined to a bed, able to move only with her parent’s support.  Fadumo is nonverbal and together with the weakness of her limbs, she was prevented from being able to communicate, and had never attended school.

New to Canada, her family was referred to the Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre where Fadumo was fitted with a wheelchair that allowed her to sit upright for the first time.  Working together with her therapists, Fadumo has been building her strength and skills.  She now taps her feet on her wheelchair to activate lights and “high fives” her parents.  Fadumo is using communications devices to reach out to her family and friends, and later this year, as a newly independent teenager she will be enrolled in school, for the first time.

Parents always remember the excitement when their  infant or child sits for the first time!  Parents are thrilled by the enriched potential of their children’s independence, when they see them explore their world. Now, imagine that excitement if your child is 14 and sitting for the first time. So it is for Fadumo’s parents. Thanks to the Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre Assistive Technology Program, Fadumo is sitting and experiencing independence


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